Well, getting just don't present as a stroller. And therefore, there are a few tasks around the subject of strollers in the next few months again I come from

Roman / Britax.Und so even to the first task. I got to thinking, I'm going here the task "to do" and you can give off even tip a, what was the problem. As a small reward for the winner, I'll think of even one little thing. A

nd here we g

o: the least say things like "Wow, this is a chic pram yes times". Or noted that they had seen previously never been a product. Ho

wever, we were often addressed whether our old stroller would be broken and we would have bought us so a new.

We were never tired to say, that of when both the old and the new baby stroller, pros and cons. We h

ave also heard: "Beautiful color!" or the finding that the backrest is beautiful multiple levels can be adjusted, so that's more than just the 2-position, and sit there. That resulted in enthusiasm among parents, children with colds. This should be Yes known to be slightly elevated with the head. If there is only 2 mentioned positions, once standing in the rain (also, literally, when the child then sneezes in a sitting position ;-))

. NA? Have any idea? To win, there is a bottle of wine, by the way, since we have more than enough of. Believed not, how much alcohol is given to pregnant women, what is actually completely crazy is, but you want to be so ru

de… I see, that writing still somewhat difficult for me and I "forced me a little to this post", because I'm actually just floored after closing time. So, if this all sounds a little not round, it could be quite the exhaustion of the author. ;-

) There are pictures today, unfortunately no, I'm now really too tired

for that. But we decided to post experiences here on vacation again, a few are likely to again be more pictures in there.

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