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ation here at Roompot Beach Resort is really well and with the Center Parcs that I not comparable experienced until now. The bungalows are bright and functionally furnished. The only thing missing is an oven, was a bit stupid that we here had taken us frozen pizza as a first meal in the Park from hom

e. Well, is not to change, failed attempts to make the good pieces in the microwave, edible, and thus they were added to the pile of food, which is thrown away in Germany (after all, amounting to 20 billion € per year), what hurt me in the soul, but was now time cannot be c

hanged. The weather is not so the hit as directly observed Timo until now:

There he had the nose directly full of beach and water and is purposefully shot towards the dune to get out of the fucking wind:
The wind strength was partly over 43 km/h, what is already a quite a hurricane for small children. I admit it blew around me sometimes too fast, and even though I weigh 😉 so one or two kilos more than Timo
Yesterday we were then just once in the subtropical swimming paradise bathe. Since we all had really fun and Timo has done properly, so he slept today until 7: 30. Yeah, now he could sleep still, July is over, only that he apparently either don't care, or he doesn't know it. 😉
Today was what was the weather during the day quite passable, nevertheless we went in the morning to Middelburg to buy us ordinary rain jackets. The first attempt on Saturday has failed miserably. We had bought us a combination of rain (jacket and pants) for 12 euros each spenders, who we are, everyone in Middelburg. You could have it, that had to be somewhere saved to this dumping price. In my case, it was the seam under the armpits. One side ripped directly from the tightening, the other has ripped up when I me bent after a sack that is blown away by the wind, which was followed by a little surfer. The jacket was then in principle no longer to use. And once again confirms the adage: "If you buy cheap, buy twice". 🙁
After the purchase of two rain jackets and the food supply for the next week, we went back again and tini has released their entire entertainer talents at the early afternoon NAPs to prevent Timo (what makes you get everything to the rhythm of a day). 
But it has paid off and Timo had fun on the large playground right now (and Papa has rediscovered the joy of photography ;-)). Here are some results:

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