Yes, long time we no longer used the video camera. Although used already, but nothing uploaded (actually it should be even less).
Anyway, now we have again shot a few movies and take them here just as motion analysis by Timo on the be

ach 😉 the

first: and here, Timo is busy with a ladybug. He found the probably quite interesting, so very late set in the urge to crush him. Well he has just not so much feeling in the finger. But nothing happened the beetle, which continues to enjoy the great sea air and I guess the beach

time ;-), by the way, it looks when one has done over 3 hours NAP:

Einstein says Hello, I say only 😉 We have him break play but still with a bad game, that lying in bed just in time, as always ;-)und continues

with experiences: here in the Park Koos (a rabbit abgewrackter) drives along in the morning always a certain route and then the kids can touch him. Our son is in any case already well on it has as you cool peeps into the camera, if it is photographed with a 'Star':

And, of course, that mandatory foot photo not missing:

We have dispensed with the jump photo yet on the basis of inadequate jump fortune of our heirs. But that will change soon 😉
By the way, the comment function under the posts can be used like to, we have here yes full reception and read this blog regularly ;-))

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