Here a small test report on the above subject. Because our young just run learns, we must make some assumptions, but overall, I think that we can already assess whether or not the car is practical requirements. Fir

st of all the "trunk" of

course from stroller, to that of the car come which we later. So, he is very accessible and can withstand a lot (at least 5 kg load capacity). The basket makes it also appears that he can withstand something more, as you can see here:

The two compartments, which are attached to the front end of the basket from networks are what is also pleasantly striking. Keep it right, especially with small parts, which likes to and fly here.
The trouble is that one must always open spaces the basket, if you folded the stroller after the shopping t

our. Because the baby seat with us is no longer in use, we can only surmise that the practical click-lock on the pushchair can be used well, to drive a car on the stroller to beds to a sleeping child. Timo would be the perfect candidate for this, because he also today still sometimes don't even more 5 minutes by car up remai

ns as next to the FahrgestellD

ie 😉 width is good our experiences according to maneuver through the clothes stand series in "Standard department stores". In narrow corridors, it is tricky, however all other strollers fail, because you have to have a certain width Yes, finally inside a child must sit;) the fr
ont swivel wheels of course contribute to the agility and make the B-smart "shopping-sound
". At some supermarkets (noticed us hit) it is necessary by the disabled Fund, because it is wider. Timo of Inn

enraumWie s

aid, not too often sits in the car, but when he sits times in there, the elevated seating position helps him to sit longer (quite a few seats in this sentence, or? ;-)). Well, the fact that Timo can see more, it is of course easier him to the sit to animate. When he then something's off sleeping, can be very wide the hood, so he has light/dark forever the changing of the lighting on the face. Sto

rage can be successfully ShoppenDe

r cars really beautiful small lie down together, and the chassis can both vertically as Pack also horizontally into the trunk. OK, here it must be said that we go with our standard car in the upscale, with regard to space in the trunk. I have the number of litres in the head, but the Vectra was combined at that time probably the largest in its class. In the car (E.g. Lupo) the B-smart would not fit. To do this, it must be said also that we then bought the car after space requirements of the stroller, and not the baby stroller, which fits into a particular car (treat yourself nothing to else

;-). Conclusion: The B-smart is a good all-rounder and has passed us all everyday tests as a substitute for a missing shopping bag:

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