Well at least he's working on it. This week he was now every day in the Kita. And the last 2 days I have then taken the idle.
Well, what can I say… So hard I could have not imagined. He roars unbelievable and heartbreaking, I hope this now not always continues. Somehow high as subconscious memories. I knew exactly how he feels and would with to howl at least almost.

I've torn myself together but, you supposed it as also a role model his ;

-) picked parents I today for the first time, that has shown me just how well he feels. He jumped around between the other children and has only briefly looked up, and given a short "Papa" by himself. OK, it was not just so that he would not back away, but so very bad, how's this morning felt, wasn't it then probably. :-

) From Monday we're again employed and Timo must for 3 days a week then regularly in the KiTa. If you look at it that he's very much better than many other children his age, but somehow it feels still weird. I hope that as this rapidly normalize and he like to go to the KiTa.

In any case the relationship with me will change a little because he will spend significantly more time next week with me, than in the last 1 1/2 years. Funny, somehow I am a little bit "excited", that is so. I hope it is "cool afternoons of man" as in direction more towards "Wow, I'm completely overwhelmed". ;

-) We look. Tomorrow Timo go off again in any case as "Eingewöhner" in the KiTa, Monday as a "regular kid" 🙂

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