Now is also the "youngest" in the family under the hood I
think 😉 just for parents that's kind of a strange feeling. From the House we are now already longer, but with marriage, children raise their family time and cutting "" really is. The focus in life is very much directed to itself or on your new situation where it now resides.

I'm curious about, as it is if we hear from our shoot, that he will marry (which is still a few years out). In another blog I read somewhere the phases that you go through as Papa, of the absolute Super Heroes, as a consultant and sometime when grandchildren there are only as an observer. You can read the entire article here for times. Wel

l, Yes, now, but go back to the topic: If the brother is getting married is something special. OK, I admit, the realization comes fairly late, what not only the groom is to blame 😉 I myself have just previously married and me at this time do not put in the role of my brother's. Well empathy is sometimes just a little matter of luck ;-

) anyway, somehow it was totally surreal, throughout the day until we have seen the really beautiful free marriage then (thank you again we were allowed to be there). Us this version so well liked, was probably that we had also a free wedding and you can forget the civil marriages to 50% and more fully. :-

)Waehrend the ceremony so it went suddenly through the mind: "Hey, that really is serious, do that now". And at the same time I felt a deep quiet and superior feel, that my little brother did exactly the right thing. Not that he never did. After all, there are some situations in which he made wide-ranging decisions (with mainly positive)

. But just this "life" history with marriage is a whole different League but even. After all, this decision affects not only his own life, but also that of the partner or the partner. I tried to remember when this realization that this is right for me at my awareness was long. Finally I have to say, actually only, when my wife in white dress through the door of the chapel came. I can imagine that it was Torsten as well, as his wife descended the stairs of the hunting lodge in the arms of her father. I really liked that. To time the location and the weather was just perfect

. There were various emotions, in the run-up to what was the planning and implementation of the wedding, we got only on the edge. What counts but ultimately is the a day, then everything works out and attacks into each other. And just as it was, we were witnesses of a beautiful day, and of course hope that the bride and groom so felt that. This is indeed the most important, this is a big thank you afte

r all your day 😉 would I here to get rid of the hunting lodge in Halberstadt to the team. The food was super operation more than "auf zack", (it was almost never without drinks) and is the location as such with the bombastic views of Halberstadt of course simply can't be topped. I can here also fully recommend as a leisure destination and hope that it somehow mentioned in the Halberstadt app soo is

;-)… Let's see… am I missing something? Oh Yes… of course here at this point all the best the bridal coup

le! :-)Und it here about my life and thus also to Timo's, here even a few words: so, to attend with child of a serious event the biggest challenge (except for those anyway, everything is no matter) is probably for most parents. So often we could not test yet in any case, at least, Timo is only 18 months on the world and not every weekend we ma
rried 😉 we had so enough toys and books. What I stupidly have considered is that Timo Yes now very like to talk. I did so as he was somewhat "restless", thought, ok take him on her lap and looking at a book. Unfortunately, it was a book about ' a farm and Timo's first gaze falls on the donkey, which he then proudly and unfortunately not really softly titled with "Ihhh, Ahhh". To my little despair, he not only once said that, but repeated (probably he was just proud that he can do this). And what can I say, look up under pressure in a farm book an animal appropriate to a wedding. Right, there you will find

nix 😉 all in all has Timo but very well behaved and well maintained. Here are quick thumbnail, and then I make me in the bed, catch up on sleep, tomorrow it is back to kindergarten… So Timo not me 😉

Had I already thank you said that we were allowed to be on your day? Yes? : Well then anyway family D. thank you again From A. 😉

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