Today, we were invited to visit the team on the child & youth fair of BritaxRoemer. We have gratefully accepted the offer, it gives one the chance to explore an exhibition visitors as "Final customer". And then we have still thought we give Timo a few "firsts" at the same time. As there were:

1. for the first time bus fahre
n2. for the first time train fahre
n3. for the first time, a trade fair visi

t 😉 that it takes but happy times free. So, we started with the bus for us just around the corner. Timo is a pretty "relaxed" bus rider:

In addition, Timo has rediscovered baby carriage driving for himself. We were both amazed that he sit so long has remained.
Then we had to wait in any case once on the train:

The we had but not for long, because the connection with the "Public" is next to our House is better than we thought. (It was a double-deck coaches) Timo has made "uncertain" the train only with me and then with tini.

Of course Timo wanted to have explained exactly everything, what did Tala then also good. We

ll anyway, we are after approx. 30 min. Ride then arrived at the fairgrounds and have made us directly in the search of the stand of BritaxRömer. Here we had to by a complete Hall with toys, which cost quite a lot of persuasion, so Timo is not going anywhere

. We had but the better arguments and have ultimately succeeded. We were then greeted and were able to have a chat with the other brand ambassadors. OK, I could not really, because I've taken on the task of caring dads my better half and could concentrate on the talks and the "fair feeling". ;-

)Also with Timo together the area made me insecure and everything looked at what was to see it. He was quite done E.g. the giant mouse:

Well and he took also a little "Apart" the Roman State or has played nicely with the dolls (which by the way, for demonstration purposes there were and about weighed 13 kilos). There is now a new carrier help for babies by BritaxRömer.

After an overview of the latest trends in Romans (among other things the new model of the B-smart, much feedback directly was implemented in which the brand ambassadors), there was still a lunch as a strengthening. We are then on the fair, then visited other manufacturers of children's products, including Okiedog, which sucked the. "Fropper" produce. This is as good as any shop, it was of course great times to see the part. I don't need to mention that Timo directly has tried the Fropper, or? 😉 The

n was there the level of 'Trunki', which have so funny children case, where one can sit and ride:

At some point, Timo has then after a long scream slept even a three quarter hour in the car. We made then still a small round and drove back home. It was an exciting and interesting day for us looking back at 3, to do something totally different and to get so many impressions from the industry. At this point still even have a thank you BritaxRoemer team!

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