I recently read the article with Andreas in the blog, which is about time management for fathers and me decided to write something about today. Basically it runs quite well now with us in the Familie.Das that Timo goes 3 ti

mes a week in the Kita and we "only" 2 days of the week and 2 weekends of care take over, just kidding is the time schedules probably 😉 No, the fixed dates give once again a solid framework for the Planung.Da Timo our family schedule

now still is not that old, I can divide the time only in two phases:

1. Before the KiT
a2. Today – talk during the KiT

aIn phase you should in my opinion if it is somehow possible to start as soon as possible to work so it is at home then at the same time and spends as much time as possible with his child, or in other words, Mama relieved 😉 is c

lear, that only in some professions is feasible. But my recommendation is: use every opport

unity! If the child then has a reasonably steady rhythm, in which it is asleep, then you can begin the evenings of the week in my opinion to "plan". That man, not every 2nd night draws to the houses, is probably relatively clear, because there is indeed a fairly reliable "alarm clock" in the family (which by the way, in time not be adjuste

d can ;-)). The second phase results from the fact that we both are again working and I take our son to the KiTa and also pick up to 2 days. Thus the early start settled then pretty quickly (who wants to "dump already his child before 6 in a KiTa"?). When you start so later you must work well or ill longer, or as in my case in the evening again sit down when the child is asleep. This requires of course a great deal of self-discipline and motivation, of course a corresponding Arbeitsmöglichkeit

.Mir's currently really like, because I spend more time much with Timo, as in phase 1 (where he partly is mutated into the mother-child properly). Our relationship has changed around quite a bit, what is perhaps also because that men play just different than women with chi

ldren. We use the weekends become much more intense Threesome, because we (I think also Timo notices) Note that this is the only time all together. Two weeks ago we were together on the Rhine and have "geplanscht" and last weekend we were at the Japan day, where I photographing again discovered my faible for it:

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