… Yes, little signs of the defiant phase around the 2nd year of life we see now also in our Scion. What really "annoyed me until very recently", is completely different after reading an article at vaterfreuden.de. To forget pretty quick, children still are how small and inexperienced because they have learned by now so much. However, even such banal things are such as Subway-riding a small "premiere" for Timo.I

ch am honest and admit that I the emotional chaos enters what as a child before him, when it discovered his "I", completely hidden from view. After reading the article is realized in what dilemma Timo is currently only once. He discovered his own will more and more, but regularly by us "together hissed" if it is dangerous for him (or for us, this is Yes sometimes before keyword "Headbutt" ;-)). He wants to discover always more and try and always reaches limits. This frustration eventually must discharge it, is actually in a hand count, but thought to have I really never. Now, with th

e knowledge in mind, pays attention to much more on the 'trigger' and can react accordingly. Or wait for the screaming fit and then takes him in the arm, so that he knows at least for us that we like him despite bad mood. And I am firmly convinced that he can tell. T

oday, in any case, it was super, we have raged and laughed and had fun, played with the railway, and drove through the flat. Clearly, he had but by far not as bad as in the past few weeks some "lows". Admittedly, the weekend was great, too, but she enjoys Timo my opinion anyway to the fullest, if he finds that MOM & dad are there for him. ;-

), We were Pumpin Iceland and Timo could romp there on a pirate ship out of Hay, since he had really fun. And I have taken the camera directly to indulge my old hobby again. The light is just fantastic to this time of year. Here are some examples (not edited, but straight out of the camera):

And I also got a little "experimental" image, there would be your opinion to be interested in:

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