So our IMP also knows who he will make happy, here a short introduction of Timo.Der
Puper is almost two years old. He loves excavators, cars, and everything has a signal light. This is then always loudly commented with "tütata
aa". His wooden railway is straight up to course and built happy with "ubaat" (which stands f
or u-Bahn). LEGO technically it is very well equipped, Playmobil has anything in his room yet lost (has somehow still not surrendered). He
's happy every day on the "course of Piel", because he is a real monkey. He goes to kindergarten, he crafts eerily like. Finger paints, however, are still not as
his Ding.Er grows in size 104 (still fits 98), so right Bacon for his age)
Timo helps eerily like cooking and baking, if the dad with his screwdriver works, Timo helps with busy and climbed the Werkzeug.Im
moment rages the Puper love with Daddy through the apartment, with MOM rather cuddle. I'm glad that Mama made it the one or other cuddly pillow… Tried e
verything but Mandarine.Ab is the 22.1 he incidentally with the grandparents in the Christmas holiday!

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