Today, the package from our "secret Santa" has arrived. This was of course a great surprise, and that although the day has begun so turbulent.
This morning, Timo and I are indeed relatively late out of the House and played in the snow (touch he didn't want the as yet) before we went to the kindergarten. I then noticed well shortly before the finish, that we have forgotten Timo's bag with his breakfast and his water bottle at home. Pragmatic, as I am, I have given with just my "Wurschtbemme" him and he ate well it according to the educators (not to mention "Papas bread!" a few times) ;-))
Well on the way back we played again in the snow (this time with touch and throwing) and tini then came out and announced the glad tidings, that Timo what to the unpack has (was a good idea to lure him in, otherwise the fingers would be frozen off him ;-)).
He has taken place then sometimes directly on the package:
Unfortunately a bit fuzzy, but the light conditions were suboptimal 😉
Then he has it tried to conjure up:
Then still with worship:
But ultimately Mama with the scissors had to help something:
And then really started out of the big box:

The individual gifts were really lovingly wrapped (for Mummy & Daddy, thank you already it at this point). 
Timo's words after he had fished out the first gift: "N.", apparently meaning snowman (only for those who do not timonesisch talk ;-)). 
And then, Timo has unpacked the great gift for the first time, it was an even-sewn play mat that can be buttoned together, and then a bag. Including small "garage" for the toy cars. Madness the part! Really creative and above all practical. I hope you can recognize this halfway on the images, otherwise please write in the comments, I will make again new images in better light:

And then were there small packages, whose Inhalt expertly identified by Timo as "Diggers" and "Mixer" (mixer sounds when Timo more like Miieeeescher ;-)), and because both wheels have, his eyes directly began to shine:

Of course then was Timo in the rush and has directly with unwrapped gifts for MOM & Dad: a scented tea lights and something sweet, he has the tea light but very sweet MOM passed to:

When the chocolate we had then not so good luck, but a piece has just fine for it suitable to make a "big picture" ;-):
In any case, that was a good dress rehearsal for Christmas Eve! We now know that we best previously "must feel candy", otherwise the child with abdominal cramps before empty Schokoverpackungen is ;-))
We say thank you to our IMP Nick Louis, Sandra and JĂŒrgen! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new you in the new year.
And of course a big thanks to Tanja and her husband have called this action in life and organized everything. I can imagine how much effort is it. 
For us it is clear: a great action, in which we were again next year, if there is a repeat. 🙂
PS: After two neck shots of the woman, I say thank you for the Nice written card in the package also again (she was gone under, sorry me up in the report)

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