We currently have a lot of fun with Timo. He seems to expand his vocabulary every day and then of course also diligently to apply. OK, that seems to apply not only so, but is fact. Since the word combinations are repeated 20 time in the car (so that dad really has no chance to escape) 😉 that'

s enough then by "car come on' about"car come on! Yes?"and so on and so forth. And if you lucky, there is a bit of variety "Blue car come on!" ;

-) but as I said, that fun really makes this development to get and watch. I will be able to publish the first bloopers here also:

1. Following situation: Timo at my front on the driver's seat when parking in the garage and Grandma on the front passenger seat. So we go to on the Park bag and I stop because we right must have a wall, out Grandma as a result so as first. Junior is pretty clever and can look the situation, turns his head to the side and says: "Grandma out!"
Since you don't know as a parent or guardian absolutely how you should respond. After all, he only said what's next. In the adult language that it sounded like a command. We have then simply on a hearty laugh agreed 😉

2. During the car ride: Timo sits back in his car seat and sneeze. After brief silence and a hesitant "messy" 😉 we
ll I found so bad that not even looked like "gekleckert", but perhaps it has become Yes :-), the dow

n side is that felt is still the night. You could say now clear: shadows in the night, is perfect, better than sunshine 🙂 but
I mean the fact that Timo is up ever again all night, with his pillow and Teddy in hand after MOM calls and then still says "big bed". Then I know namely that I make it there, he sleeps on and I must assemble my sleeping in his room. We would and wouldn't complain so much if that would always have been, but he did Yes too many times sleep through. Bu

t thats so, change we can't do it anyway and earlier in the bed I'm not therefore also still long (as you can see on this post timestamp). However, I must say that that is really only a couple of weeks so, then there are nights where I really early going to bed, because I notice that the concentration has declined rapidly during the day once agai

n 1-2. We look forward in any case on Christmas, when Timo again sees all of his grandparents, who were on last 3 weekends here. He has also enjoyed the visit definitely, obviously grannies and grandpas but unlike parents play with their c

hild well 😉 and intergenerational education hurt Yes anyone 🙂 Even if that degenerates in candy orgies and pampering * kleinerScherz *.

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