… the last Christmas candies of the Sohnemannes successfully transferred to the own hips. ;-
), I mean, me is clear, that everyone thinks (and Grandma's and Grandpa's in particular): "sweet boy needs at least ' ne trifle swe
et". Well is not like he never gets what. For the birthday we must think of what in any case. Because if we had the sweets all the child, it had now been diabetes. A smaller organism can just not without a trace put it away. Well and this has cost too a lot of work us 'Great', so as to reduce the amount of sweets, that the child was not directly on ' a sugar dies :-)un

d honestly: If you've got some candy in the House, you can Yes too bad "no" say. By the way, we are not alone with this problem as I could read in another dad blog. OK, with the only difference being that the "conscience" and the fiduciary role as Dad only have touched me after reading the article 😉

I'm definitely excited once the preliminary study for the donation of bone marrow. I'm determined to hear: "the overall condition is ok, but you eat pretty much sweet stuff, or?" ;

-) well, final is now yes first. We have a few packs of Smarties and Gummi Bears for Timo, probably to Ostern.Ansonsten mu

ch not much happened on the weekend the rich. We on Saturday Nice by bus and train to DĂŒsseldorf went, that was a great adventure for Timo. I have a few hours train ride for the experience, but mentally for the first time a few years back was pushed 😉 fun

in any case also, that Timo has been around in the bed in front of the NAPs, and before jumping or drop to your knees said: "four, five, six". It has now totally surprised. I mean, can't count he definitely still, but somewhere he must have heard this combination, and felt for themselves as 'sexy' (otherwise he would have started probably with 1,2,3). Happened already blatantly, what for huge development steps sti

ll. So, tomorrow life goes again. Followed by yet another "normal" weekend and then the "men" are alone on the weekend, let's see what we're doing so.

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