… What's happening here in this world. I'm completely for freedom of religion and even traditional care. But if Star singer ring around 12: 30 lunch here while I try to bring my child to bed, to the NAP then the fun stops with me really. I m
ean: Star singer, lunch? Hello? Already see a star at lunchtime fight? Probably only in the Volls
uff.Sollte on such occasions don't mind. an adult doing? And if so, why didn't the then so much foresight, when probably would be the proper time to think for a little Serenade for Barg

eld.Und then this story with our Federal President. There he borrows money to private, will be 'caught' and to an interview. His publicist says, that it ' a good idea would be to go only to ARD & ZDF. Well the private broadcasters have upset their way. On the other hand the moderator team you would every dumb question ' can take a floater, then would right the length of film to come out. By
the way, the weirdest comment came from the Saedi. Answered the question by Wulff, whether they pay for €150 for the night at a friend would, even nicely with "Yes". But an intellectual blackout is TS, ts, ts here, or? I

f not: to our faithful blog readers who have ever stayed with us: we wars nor money from you! 😉 No, no ju

st kidding, even if that Yes well unfortunately was not the case for Mrs Schausten. Boy with the world's rapidly downhill I think. Maybe I will but also only older 😉

Oh and when I write above freedom of religion, I mean that, as freedom of the press is appreciated by our President. True to the motto: religion is like a penis, it's great to have one and you can do funny things to, but beware before trying to convince others, he yet is how great 😉

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