Yes, it got again the poor guy. And this time really tidy. Fortunately, there are no antibiotics this time, he had the only Yes 3 weeks ago. OK in fairness it must be said that this was also the first time, that he has needed antibiotics. When you see other children today have a significantly higher amoun

t. In any case, we had even the first development talk in kindergarten on Wednesday. Was really interesting to hear what that does to the child. We didn't know, for example, what does impact our daily romping with Timo. One reads always and everywhere, that you should play extensively with his children. Well, and with Timo's, that he first says in the command tone: then we lie "Mummy/Daddy fall down!" on the back, as ordered and our child is only a fraction of a second then on us and climbs and kabbelt. That is just really fun and is by the way Grandpa also very well (there is the "belly Hill" to the climb up even more late
r ;-)). Long story, short: our child does well with other children which has led the other day, that he has put on another child until it started to scream. He does not make that Yes from malignancy and was aware of any liability therefore. But if our rascals knows, can imagine it was that man there must be a child not necessarily und

er 🙂 on the other hand probably for the educators also interesting to learn what home so Timo. But I think all in all we all did a very good job in kindergarten as well as at home. The boy developed until now really gorgeous. Every day more fun with him around to silly. L

et's see what brings the night. Unfortunately he missed his first time "Wood Group" tomorrow, because he's sick. And on Saturday we will be the birthday also so can we not guilt are, if Timo that birthday girl puts on (there are twins after all) 😉

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