Also today, there were again 4 syringes. Actually I was fine, I worked from home today morning even. OK, in with the back pain that was not simple, and productivity would be without the cold and the 'drugs' was probably higher, but at least I've taken up to now still no acetaminophen. But I think I'll do this later, because I underestimated something but probably 3 hours train ride with bone pain 😉 No
w on the way to Hanover thoughts revolve of course more and more the 'then'. Questions deal with me, how ' when will I hear if it worked? ' or ' I'm strong enough to cope if it but somehow doesn't work? ' Altho
ugh I have to admit, to that the last option in my mind is still not there. My subconscious mind seems just categorically rule out a failure. In any case the good exercise is something again to 'ground'.
Next big project I take with me before more patience to have Timo. He is sometimes really hard lately. Probably the famous terrible 2 years. And if it is not already so well one, you lose the version of it relatively quickly. No, beaten or similar, I don't him that is absolutely not in question. But one Yes automatically adjusts the volume, what is not really helpful. I must give me more trouble in the future and bring more understanding. Well let's see further how.

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