Here a small demolition, the procedures before and after the actual donation. In the morning it went off directly with the first shot at 6:30, while I learned then already that the 2 syringes in a cannula can be yes the dose. That would have effectively 8 spray or Punctures will save you. Well, it was so. The next time I then know. Which we are equal with the main theme:
"I would take this to me again?" The a
nswer is very clear: 'Yes! In any case! "." The
donation itself was unspectacular namely significantly as it sounds. Clearly, at some point you can no longer lie and the 5 hours change at some point powerfully. But everything else is hardly worth mentioning. OK, one might also what to laugh you have: you get Yes blood-thinning agents injected what via drip slowly into one in runs. Overall, there were 2 bags (so just 1.8 liters). Well and what's going on inside, must walk out is known to also somehow again. Hmm, stupid only that one Yes first can't stand up and second (which is even worse) one free no hand has. Anyone who works in the hospital or there has been with the above restrictions, white which poultry then (NAC, n, naaak) 😉 but time is used

to the facts or statistics that I have tried to keep: my blood circu

lation (good 6 litres) was a total of 3 times by the machine "to hunt", the "circulated" volume was somewhere at 19 litres. This 800 ml were removed then stem cells (so the number I'm just not quite sure). In any case, I had probably 75 stem cells per 1 ”Liter blood (which is probably quite decen

t). Oh yeah, on the subject of "Mobilization of stem cells": welcomes was I this morning from the doctor with "and? Have pain properly? "." Not nice for now, but in the course of the donation she has explained to me then, that it is always a good sign if the donor neatly side-effects have that then the stem well were formed. Well a little sarcasm is not compulsory in this profession just (not Totti was

?) ;-)und it here just read text, I will show you the following 2 pictures:

The actual device, up right the stem cells are the "red" bag.

and Matt "wired" 😉
I would like to thank also again in this way with people, which have served me here before and during the donation. I have felt "safe" what I normally in the presence of such tubes, syringes, etc. is never succeeded. Namely I can not list all (because I honestly know not all names), but I think that global galaktisch 'Thank you' will be understood even in the round 😉

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