Our child is back on the road of to recovery, and that even though we again were in the emergency room on Saturday. So really just sound so dramatically the Wocbenend ambulance, emergency room. In any case, Timo has somehow bitten on both sides of the mouth from the inside on the jaw, that looked so bad, that we prefer nor even nen wanted to make on top look professional.
Fever in the back and the weekend before the breast is in effect completely harmless, as it turns out, but with 2 days just sure we wanted to go.
Today, Timo has eaten again still not normal, but at least something. It's so back uphill 😉 Thi
s scratching my neck again and I cough with Timo to the weather. So slowly I'm sick but really full of diseases. I drink Actimel now even… 🙂

Otherwise not much has happened at the weekend, as with ' a sick child at home. 🙂

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