… the stem cell donation. I have give me the first 2 injections in the stomach today by the family doctor. Timo was with, and totally sweet. The doc said I should stay still and then went out of the room. Timo comes on the hospital bed and says: "Papa stand up!", I insisted: "No Papa got just 2 syringes, and must remain a bit". "" Timo said only: "Papa aua hurt", stroking my arm and says "better! Papa stand u
p!";-) we have then it agreed, that I only stand if the doctor says. On the way out, the doc said then "bye!", Timo also: "Bye". Then the doctor said so: "You make it" says out loud to me and Timo: "bye!". This moment was already cute 😉

well in any case I me still something closer deals with the stem cell donation in the Internet and found that I've done this pretty much unilaterally (from my perspective) so far. Because when I read today, how the patients "conditioning", I was pretty speechless. In principle will destroy namely with chemo and drugs, the present stem, so then my donated cells "can accept". Is more for me definitely still a reason here not going to whine and really continue as much as possible to "use me" for the donation work a

lso 100%. I definitely keep you posted.

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