No, the title is maybe a bit misleading, I don't see the saving lives through stem cell donation quite as an adventure. I will write here why it is adventurous for me but, in a couple of sentences t

ogether. I let time register me during a typing action a few years ago. So I don't know that, I know only that I somehow became aware of on the subject of bone marrow donation and then by the NKR send two sets I have. My wife and I thought it was a good idea, maybe at some point to be able to help. So specifically about it thinking that it could happen maybe really we are not sure at the time. Wel

l, the set with our "DNA-infested" cotton swabs have we then returned and heard nothing more of it. What has surprised us, but somehow this theme then back out of the focus and the daily routine has again run amuck won (I think everyone

knows that). Then a typing action from my employer was made half a year ago again, there I let me type again, where I learned to make this possible only once, the centres of bone marrow are probably locally distributed and there is a nationwide anonymous donor banks. So I have not looked frankly still the system, but the fact is that it works. Shortly be

fore Christmas, I got a call from the NKR from Hanover, that I would come to 80% as the donor in question? You asked me if I was ready for yet as to be activated donor. Without hesitation, I said: "Yes, of course. Otherwise I'd need have Yes not typify me". OK that was me the real scope of this statement after hanging up then consciously, but my attitude has not changed. For

the final determination 5 tubes had to be removed when the family doctor blood me. Most of you will say: "well, and?" Is not so wild! "." Yeah, now I know that, but since my 11th or 12th I age thus to fight that I regularly cant to blood and needles when one leaves my body or the other my body "enters" 😉

Luckily the receptionist of my doctor can handle really well with the needle, so I "gave the 5 tubes in the seats" ;-), well,

that was just the beginning. I've watched me of course directly times, how by equip with the donation. Because still so medieval methods with giant syringes in the area of the spine buzzed around me. This is no longer necessary to happiness today. There are two methods to get the stem cells:

1. Peripheral stem cells from the Blut2 collecti
on. Removal from the pelvic bone (under general anesthe

sia) the details about the procedure you can read here: possibilities of the Stammzellge

winnungOk, for those who do not look at the link: the removal from the blood is without general anesthesia, takes but about 4 hours and is similar to that of the process of dialysis. What has made me a problem internally of course: as mentioned above, my needle and blood phobia and then 4 hours with two needles in the arm, the blood splash hear? Hmm, I know right… However, is ' a general anesthesia the risk probably somewhat worse. I then asked what method is carried out for, and noted that I a problem with syringes and needles, etc. have. How should it be otherwise, since I should donate for an adult, is actually the 1. Variant used. But, the final decision would be for me. I have of

course back and continent considered. But in the end it dispenses with General anesthesia and made it my personal goal to challenge me. After all, to grow with its tasks. :-

) In addition I see already people die of cancer, heard her last breath. On the one hand, it was horrible, on the other hand, I am still grateful for this experience. To see that death in itself really can be a salvation. Someone so close to, being the last moments in his life for him, even if one gets with nothing at all through the morphine fog, I guess, that you notice it anyway, if you have to go this last journey alone, or if anyone one is. If I so can, prevent someone with 4 hours of personal discomfort going to die the miserable death, I do that. Maybe that's a kind of therapy for me, I don't know, anyway I take seriously really that, if not even personally. In t

he next step, having established that I would come to 100% as the donor in question, I had to the big check-up to Hanover at the MHH. Where blood was removed again me (how should it be otherwise), x-rays of the chest, ultrasound of the abdomen and a lung function test done. And at this point, in fact two days prior to this date it started to be "adventurous". I was indeed with an infection, all day Sunday in bed. Have to still write me sick on Monday so I can Tuesday to investigate. The schedule was now set up and everything organized. And if the one or the other reader should have forgotten it, it really comes to a human life. I did but the investigation, only a blood value was not what was attributed to the infection but alright. A week later, so last Monday I had to leave to check again the GP make a differential blood count me. The value had changed only slightly, was probably but also barely over a border for the release to the donation. I was so released. On

Thursday, I should then get the first syringe to flush the stem cells in the blood. I got sore throat on Wednesday evening and night fever. Incredible! What kind of fucked up. Because you want to help someone who was left by his body down pretty bad, and then you even can rely on your own body. Well I'm not to hesitate to see a doctor, who confirmed my guess: "Angina". Now, am I on your couch and get penicillin in me, so that I will be fit again as soon as possible. Luckily the drug hits well and I am again 2 days without Fieber.Wa

s that makes a real crime thing, is the fact that the patient already "was conditioned". In other words, as I commonly understood this, is the patient is prepared for the transplant, that can just don't cancel or even reversed. Sounds not so wild, but I had to sign that, with it is aware that if I resign within the last 10 days of the donation, the patient will die. I think I need to say any more or? I have it so in my hand and I'll do anything I, also to make this donation. I think OK,

so slow is the blog entry long enough, I think up here below anyway hardly anyone reads. Me is but really important to say one thing: I want to make here fear anyone, but on the contrary. I want to show that if it can succeed in someone like me who has absolutely nothing left for hospitals, syringes, blood and other medical stuff, to save the life of someone through the stem cell donation, then you can also. If you have questions about the whole subject, then puts them in the comments, or write me an email.

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