I had ever written some time ago so that we can begin slowly to collect howlers by Timo. Just such a situation happened to me, that you should capture for posterity, I thought I am writing directly even on that. So,

following initial position: Timo is moved on the sofa for the night. I journeyman to me, sit down next to him and pretend I'd want to nibble on his hand. Timo's response: "No, Papa, my hand!". I

withdrew so shortly (in children who are tired, you must be so careful), then to start the next attempt, but this time with the aim of cheek. I still like "Then take I now shut your jaw" says what Timo loudly said: "pressure gauge! Daddy, man!

"." After saying I could not continue my "attack", because I could keep me hardly laughing. A two year old already such pods out skin, will take away yet smooth the language. o_

OIch will introduce a new label time so that the sayings you can find better in hindsight.

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