HUCH? Is about really again a year? Unbelievable, but that's probably it. A year ago you ran just getting started on your own feet, and now you play catch with us and we have to keep trouble sometimes with friends. Now,

after 2 years were allowed to spend with you, we can no longer imagine what it would be without you. And if we have time and you're in the KiTa, look at your empty chair and miss you. And that even though we know how much fun the kindergarten ma

kes friends! By the many organizing before your birthday we have forgot somehow, to make "reasonable" birthday pictures. Well one I have succeeded yet halfway:

You look as to how Mommy touches on my cake baked for you 🙂 After all, a cheesecake after original American recipe:

You again visibly enjoyed the time with your grandparents. It is always nice to see you build a relationship with them over the vast distance for us. This afte

rnoon, we were with friends in the Zoo, and giraffes, monkeys, Lions and elephants looked at us. And a "birthday ice cream" gave it also to:

I think you had fun neatly on your 2nd birthday. And on Thursday, the birthday with us is home scheduled then. We're all curious about (I think your parents more than you ;-)).

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