So I here again to the writing come, I even join the so-called Friday filler. There's background and an explanation of what this is actually here

. So here we go:

1.  Today I will not sleep well in any case, Timo complaining all the time.
2.  Only here to write something and then would I time in bed because I'm helping with the move tomorrow.
3.  When I heard that Timo gets new teeth, it was clear to me why he is so cranky.
4.  Still, but then we have a few teeth soon.
5.  What actually makes a good blog post?
6.  Which ever ends with egg cooker.
7. As far as the weekend, tonight am I me on a little gamble (battlefield 3), tomorrow I have planned assistance in the relocation and Sunday I want to simply relax and hope that an hour less sleep for Timo is no problem!

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