No, not my first competition, in which I myself do, but one I tell it. OK, but slowly and in turn: many

it will remember that we even were allowed to test the B-smart pushchair as Roman brand Ambassador. It was a unique experience for us, had to once again at the same time also our existing stroller. We had a great comparison, thus have can give also feedback what has been implemented even in part. A classic win-win situation so. Aft

er the end of the promotion it was once a quiet, on the channel which is probably also remember that our child will only rarely be pushed through the area.

To get to the point: there is a new model in the Roman strollers range: the B-agile. This is a sporty buggy, which you can close with only one handle (ideal for stubborn 2 year olds, you can keep up with one arm then still under control and must). Also this stroller, such as when our B-smart it is possible simply to remove the wheels, that had excited me at that time, as I packed our stroller in the car roof box. Furtherm

ore there is a new seat, which we have seen child & game exhibition in Cologne also on the at Römer/Britax: the TRIFIX. Information you can find more if you click on the link. As a tip on the edge: It is the safest car seat by Römer.So now b

ut enough babbling, we look but for now what there is to win:

Yes you may believe your eyes, it's actually a diaper bag. The "color" is what it so well I like, because thereby men through the area can run without ground to be ashamed (Although everything is fathers matter in these times in which one (s) need a diaper bag, anyway

). Now you wonder determines how you can win the most. Quite simply, there are 3 ways:

1. You look at the links above, if you can find the advantage of Trifix and write me the solution by E-mail at matteslife (at) gmail. com

2. You write yourself a small post in your blog about the B-agile or the Trifix and links here on my blog (then please a short note in the comments below)


3. You follow me on Twitter and writes the following text: "Yes, I want the diaper bag @matteslife win! http://bit.LY/epOL8a"(the" Guttenbergen should be no problem, or? ") (o_Ô) f

rom all channels, I will create a list and then draw the winner via random number generator. At the end of the competition is the 30.4.2012 and legal recourse is excluded of course. So, get the keys and good luck!

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