… how wonderful was seen in the Saarland on the weekend. Now some will think: 'what? Mattes and politics? What the hell

?" And Yes, until now, policy is still a "red" cloth for me or a book with 7 seals. Me is for example not sure how some decisions are made. For example, as a few years ago in the general election, neither the CDU nor the SPD had the clear majority and both parties simply formed the Grand Coalition. I mean at the time were that the contents of the two parties of different, that it was a collaboration actually completely out of the question to me. And hey presto, the high ladies and gentlemen turn their head and run in the same direction. Well, and then the thing with the President… Since I'm probably in detail to go. Man

y people now say, yes the Greens have once started years ago, but today they are like the other 'big' and will come once for the pirates… Hmmm,

may be I didn't believe but at the moment yet. The fact is that there there already immense differences. In his article on Spiegel Online, Sascha Lobo has taken pretty well put together what the pirates otherwise make (where the pirate treasure r

eally is). The long-established parties never give the weakness, not to know something. Resulted at some point in this art, to talk a lot without saying anything. And no mortal has understood more. This "ignorance" as Amateurishness in the foreground has been with the pirates. It bears witness to but clearly is sometimes to admit more of size, not knowing something, and then in the best case still followed by the promise of the topic to learn. The fact is that no one can know everything. And it is so to say, times not knowing something and first "smart must become" but simply of cou

rse. Another plus point for the pirates is to believe in that transparency at the top is. The protocols of the working groups and events can be seen as non-pirate. Also

the approach as one votes on specific topics is completely different, as the main parties. The so-called "liquid democracy" is alive with the pirates. What is it that you see in the following vid

eo: all of these factors bring me to the conclusion that I'm doing my cross at the next election in any case with the pirates. And honest: I was already over it thinking even to join and become a pirate. All that keeps me from is the fact that as with any party even when the pirates a membership fee is due. Not that I the could afford, but I wonder why politics must actually cost money? I pay taxes well enough so that I can surely expect that each party is able to finance the election campaign itself. Well let's see. Maybe I also just go to a pirate regulars and look at what is there so made. By the way her

e is to see how arrogant the "big" parties so about the pirates think again. Patrick Döring has said about the pirates, that there is the "tyranny of the masses" that. In other political camps, just this State as a democracy is viewed:

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