… in the future without me! My defenses are not just created. It tears me in regularly with a result. Because I just don't want it! What it will be towed to the child so is not exactly pleasant. So'n viral infection, gastroenteritis and what else. Not just the disease images, so just stick away. This is for people such as tini, which every day has to do with customers, what else. Since the immune system is obviously conditioned, that's if, at all for really nasty things only "start". Because I have something in my 'Snag leagues' Office of no contact with the outside world, of course the smallest pathogens from t

he Latschen.Auf skin me I've watched anyway Monday on Timo and today's worse from hour to hour. What do you do there best? Right, you go to the "great uncle doctor":

DTimo was also very sweet and has behaved well. I myself had always the concern that then dragging the child, what is on the mend, in a "contaminated" environment. Fortunately, the waiting room was relati

vely empty. By the way, who says that you can have fun at the pediatrician:

We had to just try out the mirror, and the new mobile camera 😀

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