So, the response to the competition is still pretty understated with "poor". Which brings me to 2 guesses. Here no one really reads or there are enough diaper bag sweepstakes to the Zeit.Wenn
that applies to first guess, I finally had a reason to make the blog completely sealed. The number of posts went after recently "on" during the rising, right back into the basement. OK, that of really only me. But the feedback, which even now lives as a blog is missing in many places. I understand also, if not to every contribution I here so haha writes a comment, but so down- and to it would be conducive already motivation n_nNun

well here but again the link to the competition. I think about all the time, whether because maybe the task too hard was? Feedback is also here welcomed (and probably still wishful thinking)

o_ÔIch let me surprise.

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