Yes, that was a weekend… Determined, why I asked to ' nem philosophized Tuesday over the weekend. Well, is quickly explained: yesterday, I was just too shallow to rouse me again and write a bl

og post. So I do that now. Many may know it, we were last weekend in Bavaria. And as if that were not bad enough, even at a Bavarian wedding while we were the Champions League final game 🙂

sounds worse than it actually was. Family S. from N. arose so on Thursday with the taxi towards the station, move there in the local regional train to DĂŒsseldorf to. That worked well, however our naive optimism with which we faced the railway adventure, was qualified but quite quickly. Due to the use of ambulance on the track, our connecting train in the direction of Munich was 30 minutes late. At this point should be again mentioned, I think that "Emergency medical usage on the track" is actually called: "because one has to ' shit kicked". If that should be true, I can but just strongly appeal to all subsequent creators: take more tablets in a quiet room, then go with the poor decision, your life an end to, at least anyone more on the clock. It's not like that the railway without such incidents would be complete on

time 🙂 us late but not very bothered, since completely crosses the train D ' village to Minga. Or should I say "by shooting". On some sections, you have more and equalize the pressure in the ears to do, had a toddler compartment

as in a Passagierflugzeug.Wir but fortunately for us even to ourselves. Three there is place as neat and it drives really relaxed from A to B as Timo here impressively demonstrating:

Then arrived in Munich, we have taken our car. The Lady at the counter said even more generously: "You get the next larger class at the same price". That said so, that we have got an Audi A3 rather than anything in the golf class. Well, I would guess with ' a golf have been happier, because the trunk in the A3 is relatively small, we've got our 2 large suitcases into barely. Maybe we are-verwöhnt but also a little "combi" 🙂
Technically, I can't say anything bad against the Audi. The passage was neat and consumption, was ok for a gasoline engine thanks to the "start/stop"automatic real (nice that I had specified both diesel and automatic in the reservation as a request, well want to so much :)). 
From there, we went to "Uncle t." and "Aunt N.", who now reside in Wasserburg am Inn. Can be achieved quite well from Munich and is a really peaceful town. On the first day we've been 2 hours at the Inn felt and 4 adults have brought stones to the child who then highly professional has sunk it in grey-green broth 😀
On the second day, we were then in the game park Oberreith. That we liked so well, that we decided, if we're close to go there again and again with Timo. There was not only the "normal" animals for the pet and feed, but also slides, trampoline, climbing park, giant sand box and many other things. We were literally "flashed", which concerned the selection of options. And also the details, was thinking in the construction of the Park, got ourselves into raptures. At the beginning of the park for example is a giant sand pit, which was the one covered with a really big awning, and where there was also a water faucet, with which you could build beautiful klecker castles and moats. Clear recommendation to all parents with a child that there are nearby. In any case, look at!
On Saturday, we went to the wedding to Vilshofen. Timo was totally fascinated by the Church and has always watched where the music comes from:
Radiantly beautiful sunshine and clear more than 20 degrees, we have enjoyed the subsequent feast. On the Danube, Timo could still times beautiful drive wheel with his uncle s. And because I was there, is me he takes up both legs while driving now, and keeps the balance not escaped. Was properly impressed. After all, he's Yes, if one were to extrapolate it, just 3 weeks with the part. You increasingly realize how quickly it gets big. On Sunday, we are then without alarm clock (who needs with child at this age please ' a clock?!) woke up just in time and in time left direction Munich. After we have returned the rental car and were just 2 hours until the train ride, Timo and I have explored the station flooded by Chelsea and Bayern fans. We have looked at trains, and all vehicles that ghosts around on the platforms. I think he loved it. 
Unfortunately we were not lucky with the toddler section on the return journey. On the contrary, the railway has given me but actually 2 side by side seats and a window seat reserved. Well we survived Yes it and in retrospect that wasn't so bad, because we were able to sit all the way at least in the car with working air conditioning. 🙂

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