Just something am arguing with myself. whether I because the blog here even nen new paint Miss or not. Which gives many with WordPress blogging, there I just looked sometimes. Actually the differences are not large. Only 2-3 things I liked better. Who even wants to look at my blog in WordPress design, the times here look: Matt WordPressUnd th
en you are welcome to their opinion here reveal. As I said, I'm still considering… I have still no way found here to build a redirect, so that queries that set up on blogger, is then automatically forwarded to WordPress. Well

, in any case I have buried inside the project "Papa Stammtisch" today for me. There were simply too few people that join. Apparently, the Forum as such is no longer interesting or fathers in general have no time or no desire to interact in a forum. Will a look so time for a new project, what occurs to me so. : D

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