The vote on the content of the next post is still awhile, but I write here but a few lines out of turn, because the day was yesterday, just really good and I like it part you may have. Morning we have

played with Timo in us in the garden and the swimming pool (which incidentally soon must be replaced because broken) built. Then I drove a little wheel with Timo, more specifically up to the railway barrier here around the corner. There we have looked at 4-5 trains and eagerly followed, as the barrier goes up and down again. :

) While child and woman did NAP, I devoted myself our garden. Fifty square meters of which make even a lot of work, and I regret all those who have to plow more space. With "plow" maybe is the wrong expression, because food doesn't grow with us in the garden (except tini's Basil)

🙂 in the afternoon we went then to Grefrath airfield, because there was the open day. Fortunately we were at exactly the time there when started with the extra 300 aerobatic show:

It was impressive to see not only for Timo. I even "fly" Yes once in a while some figures on the PC in the Flight Simulator. If you look, that's "real" possible, only the jaw flips down one. :

), Of course, the obligatory bouncy castle could not missed at such a feast. Our child is skipped once again straight away and the whole big children. The photo is unfortunately a bit blurred due to the almost over sound-like speed of Timo, but the "bouncy" is already remarkable for the little guy, I find:

Next door in the hangar was a sailplane with an open cockpit and approx. 16 year old "bear explain to". And for Timo was naturally clear: I'm in! He has

also made and zack, he was in there:

However, the coronation was when colleagues decided we could do so once the hatch sealing:

Timo was of course difficult impressed and rose with the words: "I pilot" back out. All bystanders the air held whether their young age by Timo, if he do not starts to cry. However, Timo did great and was very quiet, even with "shut up" (and Dad a little pride). Perhaps have we him with this trip already too "fixed to". :

) There were also skydivers, that Timo was indeed funny, but which have now completely knocked him. His comment: "quit!" edge of the airfield was technically correct, but also v

ery nearly held 🙂 most we discovered then still an old Ford Thunderbird: da Dino interest rose again, probably, because of Yes was "within reach". If someone asks, what looks like one of:

I've made a few detail shots, but that I will Photoshop hunt and upload on occasion.
A truly impressive experience was for Timo also, the Jet-powered F-16 on a scale 1 to Koko 😀 
So a model airplane, but with "real" nozzle. Spectacle made properly, the small box.
Arrived back home, Timo has a little geplanscht and help me to clean the Grill: 
That was a really beautiful Whitsunday! 🙂

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