I had asked in the survey to the desired content of my next few posts. The majority has chosen the theme of "Young". Well th

en, so be it 🙂 fits

so well with the today's Kindertag.

Tja, where do I start best? Difficult. I write just time away. So to get young is an experience elusive in words. In the quiet moments (which is incidentally very often with children) I think about sometimes it, as it was before the birth of Timo. As the sayings and poems about children's eyes and children's smiles, which change the whole world listened to totally cheesy. In the meantime I think admittedly different it

. I catch myself at it that my mind wanders, then long time circling around the issue of child. Sometimes something abstract, usually but very detailed. That from the feeling of complete subjugation if the responsibility one bears as parents about such mundane things like Timo's laughter to his character traits, goes with which I repeatedly rätsele by whom he has what. Sure, not everything is inherited, but a majority due to our behavior as parents, but also because I wonder sometimes all to who he did

. So the language that's pretty fast to get out and the moment when man realized that one naturally says things without thinking about it, and they then acknowledged after the child. Sometimes it's even more than just Nachplappe

rn.Zu theory? Then here an example: Timo is always fire and flame in the car when he sees special car (ambulance, garbage truck, etc.), the other day he went with tini and sees a trash truck, gets very loud and supplemented with the phrase: "even with flashing light!". I have pondered long whether I say so often "even", but as we then three sat in the car, was clear to me that he has learned this word from me. :

) It how fast time flies and how much a child also changes is already madness. So visually, it's already crazy:

Of very small…
.. about something bigger…
…dann running…
… free standing posing…
…mit umbrella…
… and even in the Office.

It's the bright madness, isn't it? 🙂

Well and the character development I need to even begin. Although… I could give a story here but still among the best: in the KiTa, Timo was always the quiet and shy. This week but they told us, that Timo to the NAP back in a baby bed with grid had to because he is raving climbed over the beds of other children and was absolutely not to persuade, lie down and sleep. 
After which he then "locked up" was, is 2 hours away geschnarcht it within seconds for scarce 🙂
He is commonly known as sets (in the truest sense of the word), which again put me in amazement. Recently he suddenly shows a ramp to a bridge in the car on the ride in the KiTa, and says the entirely grammatically correct phrase: "Dad, we can go up there?". Because the jaw is folded down me yet smooth. So he gets to 3-word phrases all right, but who has counted that are up there 6 words! As outsiders, they say now: "yawn, ok said even 6 words in a row correctly the child and now?" Yes nothing and well, for parents just times 2-year that is a small "miracle", I tell one now even so plump 🙂
I think at this point, I'm finishing up the post, my fatigue just overwhelmed me and I must pick up also got some things for the next entries here me 🙂

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