… While it's in a frenzy. I could see it today for the first time on his own body.

It all started so harmlessly: Timo I picked from the kindergarten, and we went together from the underground garage to us home. There we have to pass on our Garden Gate and Timo wanted to go be sure impeller. I told him that it's raining and rather we should stay inside. Usually, he listens to me and then just comes with. Today was completely different. Standing in the rain, that now he's in the garden, he discussed. I said he should look upwards, in the hope that the rain drops directly into his face and he understands what I mean. Unfortun

ately, even this attempt of success was crowned. I so got my universal weapon: "I go then times alone, ciao Timo." (I hate that to do). But also he read is only surrounded impress and just made it up in the Hausflur.Dort

he began really to roar and I pretty much told him that he need to pull themselves together, until we are in the home. This was not successful, so I packed him on the hands and in the apartment. While he screamed as you would slaughter him. Act me also a little bit tired, but as noise in the hallway really Yes no

w not. Inside arrived, I finished realizing beforehand the door directly as I am. This has really puts Timo in rage. He has hung on the doorknob, performed with the feet against the door and is so beautiful out ticked. A

s was clear to me that I just eh can't get through to him, I moved me into the living room and even make him leave. Somehow he has managed to land, so I once looked after him (a supplement of the head has not one, so it was probably not so bad) on the floor with the back of the head then. My ap

pearance alone brought him even more to the ROAR. As quietly as I could, I tried to convince him that he calmed for now and we're talking again about the situation. Nothing. Only reaction, even louder ROAR and violent to to Trete

n.Ich have wrestled then with me and decided me to use my physical superiority to pull the child out at least the jacket and the boots. He started namely slowly in his rage to sweat.

Eventually he calmed down then. Knows how exactly I certainly no longer, but finally we ate some gummy bears and watched the rain through the window. Well, I thought about. Well, would have also too easy

. In parts of this behavior has repeatedly that on various occasions (from the tub out, go to bed and sleep). Me ha

s this pretty frustrated and especially power cost. I had to pull myself really very together all the time to not also with lashing. I have now, when I read the headlines of dead-ridden or up beat children, little understanding. No, not for the Armseeligkeit, to exceed this threshold in order to harm a child. Rather, the fact how quickly such situations arise and how much then you need to as an "adult" under control. I think that some may have other problems (such as Alcohol) who are completely overwhelmed, so to pull together. And then you read this bad headlines the next day in the Zeitung.Mich

touch such messages now significantly more than Timo prior to's birth. And they make me always very angry. Of course first and foremost, because the children could defend themselves, and I always Timo front in the subconscious. On the other hand they make also a little scared me on such days, because I ask myself: a situation on me is to maybe sometime, I have less in the grip? How will I react then? I'll do anything anyway so that it never comes to such escalations to violence. But not even raising the voice is a piece of violence? Me talking a always, that it is necessary to make my child at all hear me, if it cries so. Sometimes it works but also when one speaks very softly. Unfortunately, not always, because that would be my preferred way to resolve such conflicts, I talk and explain better in the quiet "dictatorial" around to yell instructions as just from the perspective of the ch

ild. Well I am still. Nobody has claimed that only children can lie down in the first years, sharp learning curves, that probably also applies to parents 🙂

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