Here the first pictures of our number 2. Yes, I've looked again and I've uploaded any pictures yet really. That was different then with Timo. I think but, each of more than 2 children has, white number just the time is missing two, to focus on the pregnancy as from the first child. It is important to me that we then, if the child is there then for now, us then but also at least as engage's on him, such as on Timo. (The other was somehow longer us), we have the guilty conscience due to the "Turbo"pregnancy Yes definitely. 🙂

OK, enough talking, here the pictures:

And now of finally the blast, a video of our 2nd son:

Were are the images in addition not at the 'normal' woman doctor, but at the Medica. Tala had applied by mail at a company, which manufactures ultrasonic devices and was accepted. It was about half an hour "bursts" and come out these cute pictures are 🙂

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