I've been busy myself lately, to put on my blog here for oratory in a virtual machine ever to estimate the effort, what would my blog not to "tie matteslife.wordpress.com to the domain", but to book a your own TLD's mean and the WordPress stuff to install everything yourself. 

Who is now a bit with Web hosting, etc. knows, white probably, it can be as nerve-wracking when you have hardly a plan by Linux/Web servers/databases 🙂

To start the virtual machine with a version of Ubuntu Server, not the rocket science was now. But the Apache Web server with PHP to configure that one can access it, the MySQL database was then somewhat demanding, went well. The restrictions imposed by the underlying directories in conjunction with PHP WordPress were what made me really ready. 

Well, anyway, it runs now and is worth so much. So I proved me more or less even, that I the themes/plugins, etc. could even install. Appearance does then by the way so much:


So far so good, now it goes off to play, to try out the customizations, and then to make the decision for a host in the last step with the design. I hope thats me that here if not interested in anyone, but also couldn't care less, I will document here on the progress of this little anecdote 😉

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