the own domain. After I first of all a scare got, because all images were gone after you import of the old articles, I did get it somehow. That should have changed on other so beautifully described "look & feel", for you readers. Only runs in the background everything technically now slightly different (but what is my problem, and not your :)).

If you want, then you can pull you directly once "" in the bookmarks bar. This domain is no longer change 😉

Because as of now is closing with the eternal back and forth. That was me personally a little on the alarm clock, but as a blogger at that time has destroyed me the design, probably the needed push, to achieve my long-planned destination. So long, I had considered walking out on blogger, or to create at least an own domain. Because I had still a domain in the package for the Papa Stammtisch, the implementation was now pretty easy.

So, now it's enough with the technical stuff, the next article contains again more personal from me and my family. 😉

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