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esterday we were at an information event on the topic of KiTa moving. As some of you know, my employer is building so a new office complex in which also a kindergarten will be integrated. Yesterday, we were informed as parents about how the current status is, the planning for the individual moves of the group, and so on. People of KiTa-carrier did quite nice, with moderator, who ran through the event and a first orientation was a clear 4 poin

ts Programm.Der basic facts about the topics, and for all it was actually clear when that topic is discussed. It commenced with the first block and after this was then asked by the moderator in the round, whether there were still any questions. And shockingly (and not just because there is actually no questions and this block of the information content was more than sufficient), came the first question, which was: "is there because enough parking places in the new buildin

g?" It is bad enough that the parking is the first thought when a new KiTa, even worse however, that the moderator announced explicitly not quite 15 minutes ago, that dealt with this question in the last of 4 blocks.

Then went on, the supervisors gave an overview, as the move from pay should go. So, 16: 00 arrive the parents. Then things and the "moving" as such put joint of the last. The idea was that the parents will then discover the new group room with the children together. Since this then everything pretty closely would come to dinner time, the teachers have considered, you could take a dinner Yes together. This can happen then, as initial idea in the form of a soup.
All in all a good idea, and really nice, if you have in mind, that the supervisors are something all alone on the legs.
So shocking the first comment in the compulsory round of the question: "Is in the soup to vegetarian thought?
" To possess such a boldness was simply incredible for me and tini. If you have different eating habits, you should go not yet others who think it really well and give effort, on the bag so that. So really! In what for a society we live here, where everyone thinks if someone voluntarily provides something, to be able to express even claims to do so. Some people have not really heard the sh

ot. Well evening then, in our small Idyll, I'm home then with Timo in the bathtub. We have made us comfortable, kink light (a really good tip) and bathtub color. Than I would have guessed it, Timo has wished for red and green color. People with a little knowledge of art or artist knowledge, guessed that it is mixed in a funny Brown. :

) We so sit in the tub and splashing against us and when my son informs me softly: "Dad I've made POO…" short silence, whic

h is caused by the fact that I firstonce this information reasonable needs to handle. Then panicke

d screams after the best wife in the world, which should direct your attention to towels us rich in the express speed. Then the "Collect" and dispose of the "Christmas present". Oh you such stress to the end of the day there, I had not imagined then yet. It felt a bit like we here:

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