What an Odyssey.

Last week I decided that I it will install a new ceiling rooms in Timo, since his current lamp due to the low energy light bulbs very long needs to have the required level of brightness. Because children are impatient by nature, I, since it is now so early dark, went over to already switch on the lamp, before Timo actually needs them, so "shut up" she ever can 😉

That this may be in terms of the upcoming rising electricity costs, no final solution was quickly clear to me. As I said, during the evenings in the week shortly on the Internet smart made, so everything for lamps there, and then to the decision, Timo to inform that we replace the lamp on Saturday.

I wanted to make it but also a kind of "Shopping experience" for Timo. That is, he should choose the lamp in the store and we would install them together.

Said and done. The child was "hot" on the lamp purchase and today we are having breakfast directly at a furniture store to look for light bulbs.

Well, what can I say… Complete error display. There were lamps though, but you don't have children's lamps there in the range.

Meanwhile, the child was however very precise idea of how the lamp has to look, what brought us as parents in distress, we wanted but that the child chooses the lamp in the store and not on the INTERNET.

Plan B was then simply times a baby specialists, which is around the corner, here to drive, eventually the baby markets on the Internet had all the children's lighting. Also there: nil. No children's lamps in the range.

We were really stunned.

I mean, since you want to teach his child how the consumer economy, and then it is left by retailers like.

OK, in the hardware store, there are some children's lighting, only they no longer fit into the prey scheme of our next generation (pirates the lamp should be on it and blue).

We have then that promises him that we after lunch, again in a different furniture store go to DĂŒsseldorf and there still look…

You suspect it already: wrong! No children lamps in the range.

Makes you wonder already, whether children have because no right, to be able to pick out a lamp in the store itself.

Ultimately we ended up then loading, in which we also Timo's bunk beds wanted to order (what we did then also directly was just quiet in the store ;-)). When high beyond, we then found a pirate lamp, which was good also Timo. Unfortunately, she was no longer in their original packaging, but the chef personally has risen to the head and has removed the exhibit for Timo 😉

Clearly, we had can order also again. But you know that by fighting dogs, which are first "hot", you get with only the ' a bucket of cold water again reassured. Da dog and child are then quite similar, we had only a bucket it 🙂

It has become this lamp here then:

Tomorrow to the Remembrance Sunday, we will then even comfortable to get the drill out of the basement and install the part. Timo has already said that he wants to push the button on the boring machine, I however assume that this courage at the sight of this infernal machine leaves him right back. 😉


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