Long I wrote nothing more, what more which is due that I time somehow get just anything on the series. What happen

ed today and what has, compelling me to write a few sentences, is the fact that us the supervisor from the kindergarten have addressed, that Timo has returned quiet and lately. You hardly recognize him, because he has apparently even not fun in the kinderga

rten. It is to be observed now next week again and then you invite, where appropriate, us to a parents mee

ting. This statement is a Yes already part to think as parents. Just then, when one internally anyway reproaches that it somehow "dumps" the child". That is so not the case, and Timo quite awhile gone very fond in the kindergarten, moves with the line of thought then likes in the Hintergrund.Fakt i

s, before our last holiday everything was "normal". Then was told more often been that Timo is suddenly very quiet. Then addressed whether he goes because like in kindergarten, he says of course "no", which then came and made me think even more was the statement that the other kids alw

ays get him. I had told once that the supervisors, but they could not watch at all that. Something must have been but the trigger that our cheerful Timo has become a quiet kid in reverse, that not only speaks and plays alone. As par

ents we worry of course, because we know that he is still mind. half a year in this kindergarten must go. I will document the rest here.

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