… And then comes tomorrow. Let's see whether I can press then the self-timer 😉
Update: As with the mobile is known not so much writing, here a short explanation: the funny Fellows up there with me after Hamburg went to celebrate my bachelor party. The back of the T-shirt is unfortunately not so good to realize there was the last-minute offer "Kiss on the cheek €1 =" and "Kiss on the mouth = €2" on the screen. Well, Yes, because this business model not so well have we then maybe little cowards sold. Due to the low demand (the offer was so high by other Bachelors easily), we have but after 10 sold cowards but determined to take us the rest, because the benefits from this action seemed higher, than the possible generated money even to heart. It may also have been slightly impaired judgment on our part, while I'm writing here, I can't believe it really, that we did not more sales with these parts. 🙂
Well, after some casual acquaintances of other young Ellen and / workers we arrived well looked after at half past five in the morning then in the hotel. In this then the next image has been created (see next post).
I also don't really remember much more 😉

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