… There have a picture yesterday already, here now again in all their glory without our Kaka in the way 🙂

To type with "American" keyboard sucks by the way full. If you find spelling errors, can keep them 🙂

Today we snorkel there again and have a puffer fish (the tini for a shark held has) and saw an Octopus (which incidentally only tini want to have seen). Comment by tini: this was a Octopus and just because Matt time again had no diving perspective, he swam on the way to the beach and has left in the middle of the Bay only

me… So back in the text: the water is so clear that you can easily deep can look 4 m without effort on. We have now almost 2 underwater cameras "shot" and hope that mind. What is a movie (the sheer number of images should be Yes make sure :-)).

) On the way back from the Bay, we were surprised by the way with our convertible by rain. Around us not a cloud, but it still poured like from buckets. At the left-turning (brisk than usual, due to the rain) we have also learned that the Mustang has rear-wheel drive. The butt of the cart somehow wanted more as I steered a toward. Tini was only slightly in her seat, then but also directly something evil, when she had recovered from the shock. My comment was only (grinning): we do it again! 🙂 Tini: ther

e was almost the first marriage crash! After all, we sit in the car almost …da is on the ground while around only jeeps with an estimated 3.5 m roof at anything different… Matt
has fulfilled by the way his tally of burgers and rises to now also on healthy food. I tried it with melon, but was not his case… Matt: well th

e melon was orange and has only fully sweet and then totally bitter tasted (I believe that was not good) but well-behaved, tini has utterly destroyed the rest. 🙂

So that was it for today. Thank you for the many comments. We are now a little by Lahaina 🙂 stroll (and reading, says TINI)

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