We were on Saturday at high addition to the fairy tales. It was really interesting and a nice experience. I mean, it's been a while, somebody told me stories 😉

But still go back to the real thing: people there had hired a skilled Narrator at the store, then 3 stories. These were about Knights, robbers and pirates. She herself had written the Knight and pirate history. In principle, the predator story was "the Bremen town musicians".

There were present from infancy to 5 years children. It was amazing that the kids were really for 1 hour completely focused. Sure, it was occasionally fidgety, but basically they have listened to in all the stories. Timo also. OK, finally was somehow more interesting a folding chair for children, but every now and then looking went high, as he would to the storyteller half ear are still to hear.
It was a great afternoon program and Timo could not fail of course directly upon entering the store to ask when his bed was finally done 🙂


Today at the NAP I even set me to and listened to him. He was still slightly rotated, but gradually the sleeping grabbed him and he began to sing softly "La Le Lu" to. That was really funny. We had to laugh anyway lots of weekends. He came today morning with his "Sammy" in the living room, put him on the couch and says: "and stay in bed! And eyes to! "." We say that Yes in the evening anyway. Stupidly, he stands up but nevertheless still regularly again. If you then ask him what he wanted yet, he always says "I did gaaaar nothing!". No right, stood up are you but, that is already "what do' little rascals! And so the evening ritual draws again until 8: 30. Maybe I should nevertheless early wake him up on weekends or after hard nights, so that he realizes how great but sleep is.
OK I have to admit, that I have discovered very late for me. But maybe you have to just really tasty that him 😉

Then we have our own Christmas Elves here at home. Timo takes always the ceiling, which actually comes over the Christmas tree stand and hangs around as a "Coat" which, then he sits on the secret Santa hat and gives us glass marbles in a bag. Here the matching video:

That give not only Timo is fun, you can see here:




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