… I have completed my stem cell donation. And this morning it rang but in my email because someone has referred to my "story" here in the blog. That has me amazed and fascinated, I wondered why anyone still on such old posts of mine referenced.

The Declaration there relatively quickly after I followed the link. On www.familiewade.de, just a call was launched to move people to type up. Since my story where I'm yes no secret how I feel to syringes and needles very well in the concept, what really pleases me fit (and also a bit proud if I'm totally honest ;-)).

The background of the call was of course less nice. Affected Ines, is a mother of three dereb third child today, was born. So that even the smallest child of this family in the future may have something by his mom, already the whole village lives in the INES has let typify themselves. Unfortunately, so far unsuccessfully. To increase the chances of INES, I ask all blog readers who have not yet done that to typify themselves. Or the DKMS by other means to help.

To do this, there's a Facebook page with all info.

Would be happy in any case huge if as many as possible of you. After all, to adopt the title "Life saver", which is not as volatile as some Ph.d. is yes then. 😉

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