Since I have since a long time in my spam folder again looked and smooth found this email:


Hello Matt s,.

möcten in a few days Dr. h.c. Matt s mean?

Finally, secure your title now, and become the V.I.P.

They are appointed to the doctor in a few days and distributed the label plus lead to their name.

Only a short time possible:

With kind regards,

The team of PhD


Well, that certainly tens years ago when Mrs Schavan your doctoral thesis put together, there has still not, but what there is now out, thinks you already about the "cliques" that there probably were at work. It is so bad that the PhD celebrity in the title was removed on one side, on the other hand one must wonder also how the uni Düsseldorf could not notice as a fraud. Someone must have rated the work Yes, and now in hindsight to offload everything on woman s is of course limited fair because Yes 2 pages do not belong to such a scam: one who cheats, and a the that then detects/reports/didn't want to.

I can actually do not really talk because I do not have a doctorate, but what there now came to fraud cases to light, is really gross. I'm sure you tried immediately to make the connection between the campaign and the revelations. A doctor Gate so to speak. However you want to then do not even know how it looks in the crowd with the controls of the academic services.

I believe basically that you people should pay it, how many titles they have before the name anyway. Only in the reality that is now even common practice. It's a pity really. The whole exposed cases of fraudulent theses left a pretty thread taste when it comes to people with doctoral degree.

On the other hand, I know and doctors who have definitely not written off your work and for the title really "ploughed". The Blogkollegin Christine has written a very informative post titled "Risks and side effects, ask your doctor father" with her blog "MOM works" for example.

In my (still) youthful naivety I am just assuming that this form represents the broad masses the implementation of theses, because just as, as it describes Christine I me that always presented as a dissertation expires. 🙂

And I am also of the opinion that such fraud cases such as that of Schavan and Guttenberg may not expire, because it would be simply unfair all, who came through hard work on his doctorate.

I will go now go through the joining of "" and assure me 😉 my title


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