I don't know whether I had ever mentioned, but Twitter is somehow a little addictive. However, it is also immensely informative, exhilarating, depressing, enlightening, current and usually quite fast.

To the "high" times of the Pirate Party, you could with read almost in real time, as was attempted to make policy. In the meantime are also politicians from the "established" parties on Twitter. Which by the way also sometimes more than grotesque appears.

If you here look at for example the start of woman power, from North Rhine-Westphalia:

I mean, who cares? 🙂


But there are really good and funny sayings, packed in 140 characters (which, if one has tried it, really difficult is):

And then the fun and "true" stories, which writes the life (before very nice for parents to read, I think):

And very nice on the whole Twitterwelt: you can select which information and posts to read in which follow the "right" people, at the same time it is but also not forced to join (though that then probably only half as much fun ;-)).

And because it is hardly to believe, make recently blogger regular posts from the series 'Tweets of the week'. I was already thinking about whether I should do this maybe too so I am not as you, but I think that others can better:

Maximilian Buddenbohm on "heart as layers of amount of"

Christine Finke on "Working Mom"

To cite only a few examples. 🙂

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