Was this time relatively "quick".

We sat just in front of the TV and waited for the Bayern game against arsenal, as a special broadcast of"Pope" was inserted. Really no longer going to one. I mean generally came religion nowadays quite at a disadvantage, as regards the popularity.

But as enlightened halfway intelligent person just what held the Catholic Church there is already a bizarre circus. There can be imprisoning old men into a church and be let out again, if they have chosen a "leader". Sound recorded always quite grotesquely. But I would like to contact anyone on the feet ok. Nevertheless, I think that the credibility of the Church and other religions is quite suffered in recent years. Maybe just the Church should appoint times a prophet, even translated the "Christian values" in the modern era. Yes somehow still doesn't seem to be made. Sometimes quite apart, that I believe "Storybooks" the Bible and the Koran. A girl meant at that time even in confirmation class: "when the action comes because there time? The fuck but there only around! "."  And I think that makes it pretty much on the head.

Clearly also really useful rules of conduct contained in the Bible, was still have. But to assign this to a 'higher' being is always when times what's good or bad, but simply no longer up to date. I'm glad that the views and discoveries all those who at the time were executed as heretics, but still have prevailed. In my opinion are religions in the classical sense anyway rather to direct instruments to "simply" knitted people. If the power of the Church had so kept, we would run still people burning through the medieval streets, I think.

I can not exactly say where this reluctance now does, but probably it is simply personal experience I had with the Church. Among them were also good things and good times, otherwise I would have baptized me hardly at the age of 13 and confirmed. However, there were also very negative experiences, which then prompted me to reconsider. Today as an adult with an affinity to technology, a faith model, such as the Church no longer fits (and here I mean all directions) in my world view. Anyway I have made me to tell my kids at least the basic things about the Church, so that they can later choose whether or not they believe in something (ok, in anything believe aren't doing so actually anyway, but you know mine as I).

So a really beautiful set of final wants me just not come (is maybe too late), but I would like to read how you can see the thing. 🙂

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