Now we know in any case. Timo was sick Yes two weeks ago. The fever is not particularly high, and a little cough. No reason to drag him to the pediatrician.

Last Friday he was then a little rash and we thought that he perhaps also a little allergic to the new detergent. Because this was the case with me before. Yesterday we have sent him still in the kindergarten and told our version of the explanation for the rash of the carers. You have asked already a little doubtfully, but here we thought nothing, because we went to the pediatrician today anyway because of the U7a.

Since this left me no rest, I then yesterday again in ' read a book and determined by the symptoms produced, that most likely are fifth disease. The confirmed us today also the doc.

Because the rash is now visible, it is no longer contagious (as in the book). Unfortunately, we've had give us a certificate. This resulted then in kindergarten the problem, that the carers could not take the child.

There I was again happy to work where you can work flexibly from home in a company. I have caught Timo so and drove home, and from there started to work. Was Yes now already almost noon 😉

Well, I'm getting the certificate tomorrow morning at the pediatrician and then Timo can also back in kindergarten play 🙂

The whole story is by the way no longer critical for pregnant women. Solely from the fact that we are now very close to the birth date. In addition, almost every adult was once infected with fifth disease and therefore has antibodies. Yet we were worried of course, until we were today at the Kinderdoc and then called tini at the gynecologist.

So, all good so far, just a bit of a shock to the start of the week 😉

* Update * the fifth disease look like then really:

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