That was today really relaxed. We invited this year only 2 children and Timo has played together really great with both. No quarrels, no fighting or something. Just kids who were although noisy but at least very happy and funny. Timo was probably too great.

Though, the highlight was today, from my observation, the 2 large packages that he got sent by the grandparents. With shining eyes, he first opened the smaller package and then radiant went with the so ardently desired police trowel through the area. Sure, he was so proud that he has quietly opened the bedroom door and showed me his latest achievement. Sorry for something, that I was at the time still in a telephone conference and me not on it could engage in, but that we do still.

In the second big package was then still a wheelbarrow with a shovel, rake, and gloves. With the equipment, Timo is then roared through the apartment. And when Talib began to sing: "Who wants to see hard-working artisans?", just came back: "MOM, we're builders!" 😉

The weather was also perfect. Am a little Schneegstöber, so you thought sitting in a snow globe, and someone has shaken, and then in the afternoon sunshine and dry. It was somewhat a pity that we did not go outside anymore, to times said the weather forecast for the weekend's rain. 🙁

Since it was something "wuselig" today, we could make any pictures yet. Once you are done, will I upload here a few.

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