Our "Great" has become 3 years old today. In retrospect these are really 3 wonderful years there he has bestowed on us. Clearly, "Horns" grow him sometimes, but on the whole, he is a really dear child, what evolves beautifully.

Only as regards the language, progress is simply considerably. Of course he parroting some things simply unthinkingly, on the other hand, there are so many situations that show that he understood certain expressions.

Today for example, I drove it in the Kita. When we were at a stop light I hear a "drive but old" from the Fund and think with me: he has forgotten the "Swede" and I should be sure it sure what to tell while driving 😉

As I've picked Timo today of the KiTa, he came to me with the question "Are we going to IKEA and the ball pit". The children's paradise, which is connected to the local Swedish furniture store is meant. We have definitely the child there "submitted", so that he can play there in peace, finally Yes a heart's desire by him has been. 🙂

Unfortunately there aren't that many workers running around, like in kindergarten, so that he came to the pickup counter after a short time with "big business" with the words: "Daddy I"POO"made". I've cleaned then fundamentally him in the toilet, so he must go home with full trousers.
On the way to the car, I ask him whether this was only accidentally, because no contact has been available. As he says "Yes". And then I say: "Sorry, this is so hurt" and Timo responds: "I'm also sorry dad.", which is even "faster" to the melt < 3

Since me last night constantly eyes to fall, I rather stop with Bloggen(zumindest) only "temporarily" until tomorrow or so. 😉

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