I have packed 3 times now in the baby carrier by ERGObaby Mika, he fell asleep 3 times reliably. Clearly this isn't so soon. Well ok, to tell you the truth, I've also seen, as it went with a friendly pair, with the youngest and was thrilled. We had still not quite dared to "only" a Manduca and us with Timo. We got out the from the carrier, as soon as he has a little bit of bitching.

Now we product tester for the ERGObaby carrier and grab our child in there, if it bleats for it calmed. And believe it or not, but it works really great. And more convenient we also find the ERGObaby carrier. I have to say that also the handling is better I like it. I'm some ungelenkig and had to fight something carrying towels and also some of the Manduca. The ERGObaby carrier is really easy to apply. We got us used still the infant insert and get along really well. Because: in use you can grab the child before, ever "to put something together" and then put into the actual carrier.

That this is really great in the reverse case, we have witnessed several times. You can grab the child namely including the use of the stretcher to a bed without waking it here. Because using even the limb changes not, the child will actually not wakes. Well maybe if it want to sleep just as our children somehow anyway on your back 😉

Here a picture with synthetic carrying (not so quality, because made with mobile and in bad light):


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