Actually, yes "Lord's day" or originally Yes "Lord's day" (with a very certain I am referring to). For me, it was pretty relaxed today. In the morning the baby in the baby carrier by ERGObaby worn around, because he otherwise tried to sleep (this part is real gold worth) and in the afternoon a little trip on a nearby playground.

I just read earlier, that I am fully in line with this type of leisure activity. 😉

On the playground there was a lot going on in any case. Then, a group of teenage Wolfpack came boy with beer and (bad) music, I started mentally a bit to cook and was thinking, if I they should point out on it, that it is here but to a children's playground. However I then realized, that we were at that time as well on the road. The idea that their behavior will be eventually embarrassing them, like me today, got me to smile. There is simply no head to something in the age. And as I said, at the latest when they themselves have children and experience the same situation on the playground, their behavior is going to be pretty stupid them. 🙂

I have definitely made more climbs with Timo and found various insects, and examined. Since he had fun and I powerful of course, is simply a really indescribable feeling, to explain the world to children, and to be as they explore. 😉

And how Timo makes uncertain the world, you can see the video here:


A gift was even by Timo. He made a bookmark for me in kindergarten. First, I was somewhat irritated, because Yes, we try to read our books now always with the Kindle. But then our barbecue book occurred to me, for which I can well use a bookmark 🙂

I found full of class and real about it was happy. Thickness smooch at this point again to my lovely wife. 🙂

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